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To Whom it May Concern

Diary of the Iron Pilgrim

Spike Gogo Thrasher
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I'm from Henderson.

People complain about Henderson because:
1)"There's nothing to do."
Whiny schmucks who usually turn out to be alcoholics and drug users say that.
2)"Church of Christ runs the town."
I have no love of the Right; anyone who's met me probably knows this. However, they can't make you join their church/school, and their bitching did keep Wal*Mart out of my town.
3)"It's too far from Jackson."
Have you SEEN Jackson? I'd rather commute 23 miles to work there than live anywhere near that armpit of the world. Similar story with Memphis, another highly wretched place.

People who complain about Henderson wouldn't really be any happier anywhere else, though they might distract themselves for a time with the complexity of their new surroundings. They've not walked the streets of my town with open hearts and heard its lulling song. There is wisdom to be found, as well as great power, in this town where time seems to pause with its breath held.